Henry Surtees Foundation Funds Darent Valley Hospital Rehabilitation Equipment

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On Thursday 4 February 2016 John Surtees CBE presented a cheque for £15,046.80 to the Darent Valley Hospital to enable them to purchase a MOTOmed VIVA 2 exercise machine and MOTOmed Letto 2 bed. The MOTOmed Letto Movement Therapy Devices will help with the rehabilitation of men, women and children that have suffered injuries to the brain such as stroke, accident or severe illness.

Tracey Cummins, Fundraising and Voluntary Services Manager at Darent Valley Hospital said “This equipment will be of great benefit to brain injured and unconscious patients as part of their rehabilitation. It would allow exercise and movement to continue in some cases while a patient is unconscious or when physios are not on duty to work manually on the patient themselves. We are incredibly grateful to John Surtees and the Henry Surtees Foundation for their continued support”.

Examples of their patients that would benefit is a 20 year old who was involved in an accident with head injuries and broken neck which has resulted in quadriplegia; plus a 14 year old girl who suffered a serious car accident while on holiday, to a stroke patient suffering from paralysis.

Rehabilitation is extremely important after any of these conditions, correct support given to patients in the early stages is essential to their recovery.  The MOTOmed Letto Movement Therapy enables movement several times a day for immobile patients and can be an extremely useful in rehabilitation. If muscles are left immobile for a length of time, they begin to shorten, tendons harden and joints become increasingly stiff. Using the MOTOmed Letto legs can be stretched and bent hundreds of times in 10 minutes; this contributes to joint lubrication and flexibility of muscles and ligaments. The daily movements delivered by the MOTOmed can prevent thrombosis and bedsores, and also the effect of the MOTOmed training on the abdominal muscles improves bladder and bowel functions.

Last year the Henry Surtees Foundation provided a grant for 6 specialised ‘brain chairs’ to the Darent Valley Hospital. The chairs have greatly enhanced rehabilitation for stroke patients at the hospital.  They have been invaluable to those in their early rehab stages where a patient does not have seating balance. It enables the patient to hold their head and limbs in the correct position, giving the patient the best chance of full recovery of their mobility.

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